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  • Pure vegan protein bar
  • With 27% vegan protein
  • High dietary fibre content
  • Lactose-free, gluten-free
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    VEGAN PROTEIN BAR is a tasty protein bar for sports and everyday life based on natural ingredients. Thanks to the sweetness of dates, the bar has no added sugar and no artificial ingredients. Pea protein and cashew nuts form a high-quality protein source and provide 27% vegan protein. Natural fibres give the vegetable bar a high fibre content.

    Enjoy VEGAN PROTEIN BAR as a fruity protein snack in everyday life or use it as a high-quality sports food during regeneration after training and competition. Protein supports the build-up and maintenance of muscle mass.

    Free from lactose, gluten and soy. Developed and produced in Switzerland.

    Does a vegan diet cause a deficiency? Is a vegan diet also feasible for athletes? Read all the answers to those and other questions in our article Vegan Nutrition for Athletes.

    As a protein-rich snack in everyday life or for regeneration after sports.


    100 g

    1 bar

    energy kJ (kcal)

    1648 (396)

    824 (198)


    20 g

    10 g

    of which saturates

    9.7 g

    4.9 g

    of which sugars

    17 g
    9.2 g

    8.5 g
    4.6 g


    20 g

    10 g


    27 g

    13 g



    0.47 g

    Pea protein 30%, chicory fibre, date paste 13%, cocoa butter, cashew nuts 10%, natural flavours, colouring beetroot juice powder, psyllium husk fibre. May contain traces of almonds.

    Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.


    An mehr als 100 Sportanlässen mit jährlich über 100 000 Athleten werden SPONSER®-Produkte nicht nur unter Laborbedingungen, sondern zusätzlich im Praxistest auf Herz und Nieren geprüft. So sind nicht nur unsere Produkte, sondern auch unsere Athleten der Konkurrenz stets einen Schritt voraus.