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  • Cereal-based energy bar
  • With L-carnitine and MCT
  • Tasty milk cream filling
  • Ideal as a snack during sports activities
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    The tasty CEREAL ENERGY PLUS bar from SPONSER® is ideal for all kind of sports and outdoor activities. The cereal bar is enriched with L-carnitine and MTC, and contains a delicious milk cream filling for your culinary delight.

    Besides carbohydrates, medium-chain fatty acids (MCT) provide additional energy. In contrast to long-chain fatty acids, they can be metabolized more easily by the body. Similar to carbohydrates, they are absorbed into the blood and transported to the mitochondria for energy production. MCT is a practically usable, long-lasting source of energy, especially during prolonged activities.

    In the body, fatty acids are transported to their place of combustion (mitochondria) by L-carnitine in order to be used for energy production.

    Suitable as an energy snack during sports and leisure activities.

    per 100 g

    per bar

    energy kJ (kcal)

    1875 (446)

    750 (178)


    18 g

    7.2 g

    of which fatty acids

    - saturated (incl. MCT*)

    - mono-unsaturated

    - poly-unsaturated


    13 g

    3.0 g

    2.0 g


    5.2 g

    1.2 g

    0.8 g


    58 g

    23 g

    of which sugars

    36 g

    14 g


    4.0 g

    1.5 g


    11 g

    4.5 g


    0.55 g

    0.23 g

    Per 100 g (40 g): L-Carnitin(e) 680 mg (270 mg), MCT* 2.6 g (1.0 g)

    *Mittelkettige Fettsäuren/acides gras à chaîne moyenne/medium-chain fatty acids

    Cereals 23% (oat, rice, corn), sucrose, vegetable fat (palm, coconut, sunflower), infused cranberries 9%, dextrose, soy kernels, glucose syrup, fructose, milk powder, protein powders (milk, whey protein isolate, casein hydrolisate), coconut flakes, coconut and palm oil 2.7% (with MCT*), fructo-oligosaccharides 2%, humectant sorbitol, L-carnitine, salt 0.4%, acidulant citric acid, flavours, malt extract. May contain traces of nuts and other seeds.

    Developed and producet in Switzerland


    An mehr als 100 Sportanlässen mit jährlich über 100 000 Athleten werden SPONSER®-Produkte nicht nur unter Laborbedingungen, sondern zusätzlich im Praxistest auf Herz und Nieren geprüft. So sind nicht nur unsere Produkte, sondern auch unsere Athleten der Konkurrenz stets einen Schritt voraus.