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  • High quality matrix of whey protein isolate and hydrolysates
  • Reinforced with HMB for a shortened catabolic phase
  • With CFM Nitro for increased NO synthesis
  • Lactose-free, to be prepared with water or milk


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    Overview PROTEIN POWDER in comparison

    PREMIUM WHEY HYDRO by SPONSER® contains a high-quality whey isolate protein matrix for efficient muscle growth, supplemented with HMB (Advanced Formula). The basis for this high-end product consists of hydrolysed whey protein isolate, incl. PepForm BCAA, which is composed of 50% BCAA in peptide form. Hydrolysates are “pre-digested proteins”, in which the protein chains are enzymatically cleaved into shorter peptides. This has a positive effect on the digestion capacity (faster absorption). The added HMB, a metabolite of the essential amino acid leucine, shortens the catabolic phase after training and thus leads to a faster start of the development phase. Whey CFM Nitro consists of bioactive peptides that support the NO formation (nitrogen oxide). PREMIUM WHEY HYDRO contains virtually no carbohydrates and no fats and is lactose-free. Suitable as high quality training support for power and endurance athletes.

    PREMIUM WHEY HYDRO contains the following active ingredients:

    Hydrolysed Whey Isolate:
    Proteins support the growth and maintenance of the muscle mass. The partially hydrolysed form increased the digestibility and thus achieves a faster absorption.

    PepForm® BCAA:
    Is a hydrolysed whey protein isolate with an increased BCAA content in optimally absorbable peptide form.

    HMB (Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methylbutyrate)
    Is an organic acid that occurs naturally in the human body and is formed out of the essential amino acid L-leucine. Power athletes, bodybuilders and intensively training athletes use HMB as anti-catabolic support in high-intensity phases.

    Is a patented raw material with bioactive peptides from whey protein for the activation of NO metabolism and improved oxygen utilization.

    Vitamins, magnesium, zinc:
    Zinc and magnesium play a role in normal protein synthesis. Zinc is also involved in DNA synthesis and in the maintenance of a normal testosterone level in the blood. The vitamins also fulfill important functions with regard to muscle building. For example, pantothenic acid participates in the synthesis and metabolism of steroid hormones, and folic acid contributes to a normal amino acid synthesis.

    Enables a preparation with milk instead of water even in case of lactose intolerance

    To support muscle and power growth, take up to approx. 30 minutes before and/or within 30 minutes after training. Several times a day possible, also independently to the trainings, in order to cover protein needs.

    Dissolve 3 measuring spoons (30 g) in approx. 200 ml of water. In case of preparation with milk, the amount of powder can be reduced to about 25 g (2.5 scoops). To be prepared with a shaker or a mixer.


    100 g

    1 Portion**

    energy kJ (kcal)

    1520 (360)

    445 (105)


    2.5 g

    0.8 g

    of which saturated fatty acids

    1.0 g

    0.3 g


    2.5 g

    0.8 g