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carbohydrate gel with sodium and caffeine
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Liquid carbohydrate gel with the amino acids BCAA
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carbohydrate gel with caffeine and taurine*
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Liquid energy concentrate developed for very long endurance performances of low intensity
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High tech energy gel with quickly and slowly available kinds of sugar particularly for long distances
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from CHF 2.00
Practical handling: can be manipulated with one hand, resealable, easy to dose, no smearing or sticking
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The overview, «LIQUID ENERGY GELS in Comparison».

SPONSER® LIQUID ENERGY gels stand for highest energy density with optimum tolerability. The liquid energy concentrate contains easily digestible carbohydrates as well as sodium. It is perfectly suitable for endurance athletes who are reliant on a constant energy supply. As highly concentrated energy source, the gels are ideally used before or during training/competition. Available in resealable tubes or as single portion sachets. Depending on energy needs, the gels should be used in combination with approx. 200 ml water or of a sports drink. SPONSER offers the gels in different compositions* and flavours, all of them are without preservatives.

High-quality carbohydrate formulation coming in a resealable tube. Flavour: neutral (unflavoured)

High-quality carbohydrate formulation enriched with 25 mg caffeine and taurine** for an extra boost. Available as resealable tube or single portion sachet. Flavour: neutral (unflavoured) or NEW Cola-Lemon

High-quality carbohydrate formulation enriched with BCAA to protect the muscles during long-lasting physical performances. Available as resealable tube. Flavour: Strawberry-Banana

High-quality carbohydrate formulation enriched with additional sodium as well as slowly available carbohydrates. Ideally used for long-distance events, in hot weather conditions or as alternative to sweet-tasting gels. Available as single portion sachet. Flavour: neutral-salty (unflavoured)

High-quality carbohydrate formulation plus additional energy from fat/MCT as well as slowly available carbohydrates. It is also enriched with beta-glucans. Ideally used for long- and ultra distances. Available as single portion sachet. Flavour: Coconut-Macadamia

**only neutral contains taurine

Liquid Energy Pure: vegan

Liquid Energy Plus: vegan

Liquid Energy BCAA : vegan

Liquid Energy Salty: vegan

Liquid Energy Ultra: not vegan


At more than 100 sporting events with more than 100,000 athletes every year, SPONSER® products are not only put through their paces under laboratory conditions, but also in practical tests. So not only our products, but also our athletes are always one step ahead of the competition.